Gain insight into your content strategy.

“With our CMS, you can build powerful web applications and efficiently provide your audiences with content. Our solution offers a centralized database for all your brand’s content and tools to easily manage and publish it.

As a result, you can reach more audiences than ever before and increase engagement with your audience. Discover the possibilities of our CMS today!

All your content in one central database.

One central place to store all your articles, images, files, videos, and other content.

Fully customizable CMS tailored to your needs.

With Integrated, you can easily start a new channel and website to reach a new audience in no time.

  • Build in content model with document types Article, News, Taxonomy, File, Image, Video, Product, Person, Company, Form, Event and JobPosting
  • Extendable and inheritable document types
  • Configurable content types, based on document types
  • Configurable custom fields
  • Configurable relations between content types
  • Context-aware relation types for taxonomy, embedded and commercial
  • Content navigator with multiple views (list / week)
  • Media Library with tools to organise your files
  • Search with auto suggest
  • Search selections
  • Content editing for all fields and relations
  • Editor with support for relations, custom styles, Integrated blocks, YouTube
  • Content history
  • Content locking
  • Export to xml, csv, xlsx
  • Bulk actions: change relations, channels, content type, delete
  • Preview before publishing
  • Content ranking
  • Publication channels
  • Multiple connectors per publication channel
  • Twitter connector
  • Facebook connector
  • Website connector
  • Custom workflow statuses and transitions per content type
  • Commenting on content or fields
  • Workflow status based permissions (read / write)
  • Content assignment
  • Multi site
  • Multiple templates
  • Page management
  • Copy pages between channels
  • URL management
  • Drag / drop page building
  • Text blocks
  • Content blocks based on search selection
  • Feature item block
  • Content items block
  • Container block
  • Facet block
  • Search block
  • Related content block
  • Form block
  • HTML block
  • RSS feeds based on search selection
  • Template scraper
  • Search selection as navigation menu
  • User management
  • Group management
  • User or group based roles
  • User/person link
  • User scopes (different groups of users for channel(s))
  • Access rights for content based on content type, channel or status
  • Access right for blocks
  • Blocks (for example for website)
  • Connectors for publication
  • Connectors for import
  • Content styles
  • Document types
  • Integrated menus
  • Website themes
  • All Symfony features for development, overriding and extending
  • Based on full stack Symfony framework
  • Scalable for cloud, multi server, high availability, internationalization
  • Flexible storage (multiple locations, local, cloud)
  • Designed for custom solutions

We’re eager to learn more about your vision and explore how our solutions can bring it to life.

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